Finance For Entrepreneurs (FinFE) & Finance for Female Entrepreneurs (FFE) at the following contact details:


Telephone: 08448 843443

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Enquire: Finance For Entrepreneurs


Enquire: Finance For Female Entrepreneurs

will take you directly to our partners ABF and our designated funding platforms on Funder Finder. They may request completion of a simple questionnaire, as part of a thorough application and assessment process. It will all help towards getting a better profile of your business financing needs and identifying the best funding source for you.

Or if you wish to, in the first instance, discuss your finance needs with our partner Connect Mortgages and Click Business Finance, you can reach them by clicking on their name, which will take you to our dedicated site.

We should point out that our partners are the exclusive source of advice and qualified in identifying the appropriate funding path for your business.

At Finance For Entrepreneurs and Finance For Female Entrepreneurs, we work closely with our partners to achieve the best result. However, our role is as facilitators, which means that we cannot and are not registered to give any advice that may be pertinent to the Financial Conduct Authority rulings.